• Congratulations on Shopping Seguin & Winning Big, Kaylee!

    Congratulations on Shopping Seguin & Winning Big, Kaylee!

    Seguin shoppers showed up in a big way this Christmas Season. The Seguin Chamber's annual Shop Seguin Win Big promotion promotes shopping at local Chamber-member retailers. When a shopper spends at least $25 in one sale, his or her name goes in to the hopper to win a weekly $20 Gift Card. But before the slip goes in the hopper, the shop associate writes down the total sales figure for that shopper. Each week, the Chamber tallies up the dollars spent based on those entries. 

    In THREE WEEKS, shoppers spent AT LEAST $237,459.95 in 12 shops. Last year, that figure in SIX WEEKS was $267,000. 

    Shopping locally is important for many reasons.

    When you choose locally owned businesses for your shopping, you create a ripple effect. It starts with your own experience, and the benefits that you get from shopping at independent stores, like getting to rely on local retailers’ expertise.

    But then, the effects keep going. By shopping at local stores, you connect with your community. You strengthen your local economy. And finally, as the circle of ripples extends out, you cast a vote for the American dream.

    Congratulations to Kaylee Anderson, who won a set of $20 gift cards to the participating shops. 

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