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    We strive every day to improve the health of our soil, our farm, and our community using regenerative agriculture practices. Healthy soil makes healthy animals; healthy animals make healthy food; healthy food helps make healthy people.

    After graduating from high school Bill moved away from the farm. He spent time attending college and then went into the Air Force. Bill joined the Washington State Patrol where he retired from after 26 years. As the saying goes, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy. Throughout his life Bill looked back at his time growing up on a farm and longed to return. In 2016 he got his chance when he and Dana bought their small farm near Seguin, TX.

    Dana spent most of her life living in the big city. She grew up mostly in Los Angeles, but when she was 13 her family moved to Bandera, TX where she had relatives who raised cattle, rabbits, turkeys and chickens. That is where she developed her love of the country life, living there for about 2 years before moving back to California.

    Dana spends her days working a full-time job for an engineering firm in San Antonio, and eagerly looks forward to the end of the working day to leave the city and return to their small farm and the country surroundings.

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    William Bryan