• How can I find employees to work?

    Attracting the Right Talent

    The first part of finding employees is to become an employer people want to work for. Ways employers can do this is by:

    • creating a fun personality on social media.
    • developing a reputation for being a good employer. That could mean making a “best places to work list” or paying one of the top salaries in the area.
    • incentivizing referrals from star employees. Become the type of company your employees want to refer their friends and family to.
    • encouraging employees to give back to the community. When others see this in your area, they will appreciate what the business is doing.
    • offering perks or incentives that others don’t. We’ve all worked from home this year. Offering snacks is no longer going to be seen as a valuable perk. Think about what would make an employee want to come in versus working from home.
    • creating job ads that get attention. Make them funny or ensure they reflect the company culture. Where is your ideal employee? Create ads they will see. This may include Facebook or other social media platforms or more creative avenues like taking an ad out in a school newsletter to attract working parents. This can be especially helpful for members who offer shift work that works around school schedules.
    Old fashioned hiring sign to illustrate the employee shortage today.

    Courting the Talent

    Next, employers need to ace the interview process with those who show up. And yes, it’s a two-way interview. The business is interviewing the candidate and the candidate is interviewing the prospective employer.

    Employers should:

    • make it clear the interview is a personal experience. They will be noticed if they don’t show up. It’s not a cattle call.
    • send reminders of the interview, preferably via SMS messaging.
    • arrange for candidates to meet with multiple people and make sure they know they will. This will make them feel more important and introduce them to more of the team.


    New employees may feel a little lost, overwhelmed, or disenchanted (hopefully not the latter) in the beginning. Having an onboarding process can do a lot to ensure they keep showing up.

    These things might include:

    • providing company branded swag.
    • being assigned a buddy they can go to for questions without being concerned about interrupting their supervisor or sounding uninformed.
    • providing solid training and setting expectations early.
    • giving immediate feedback and constructive criticism.
    • introducing them to happy customers.
    • sharing the company mission with them and showing them examples.
    • setting up a bright future and sharing specific things they can look forward to if they stay such as the summer picnic or free services once they reach a certain level.
    • sharing bonuses and perks so they are aware there’s something to work toward.
    • taking some time to have one-on-one conversations about what they want to do and what they like in a work environment. Listen to what they are saying.