• Leadership Seguin: Swing for Seguin Golf Fundraiser Tournament

    Dear Community Partners,
                It is our pleasure to invite you to join us as we celebrate Leadership Seguin 2024!
    The Seguin Chamber of Commerce Leadership Seguin, has formed and nurtured emerging community leaders for over 23 years through its year-long service program that enhances, promotes, and strengthens relationships within the community. Each year participants come together to learn about Seguin, identify particular community needs, and raise money to meet these needs – all the while fostering and developing the skills and relationships to serve our city.

    The Seguin Chamber Leadership Class of 2024 has a goal to bring beauty and awareness to our great city.  We believe that our community offers diverse opportunities for connection and engagement, our proposed project will consist of large interactive letters of the city’s name, Seguin, placed in the beautiful Walnut Springs Park. These letters will be life-size and will provide a picturesque space for community members and tourists the opportunity to capture the splendor of Seguin.  Community input has been sought to enhance the beauty of the letters, embrace the local talents, culture, and lives that call Seguin home. This added attraction promotes a sense of adventure for all who visit and reside here. Locals can share in the hometown pride, while visitors can share their experiences with their families from afar via social media.
    Leadership Seguin will be hosting the Swing for Seguin Golf Fundraiser Tournament at Starcke Park Golf Course on Friday, March 8, 2024, to help build the needed funds for the project and provide a fun way for everyone to participate in the process.  Please consider sponsoring (see following page for details) our project or hosting a 4-person golf team for $500 to help with this project.
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Leadership Seguin Class of 2024