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    1. Rebuilding the center: How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is navigating a time of "dramatic cultural change that's transforming the worlds of politics and business." 

    2. SEC’s start small business advisory group: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the inaugural members of the Small Business Capital Formation Committee, which will hold its first meeting May 6. The Committee was established to provide a formal mechanism for the SEC to receive advice on rules and regulations that matter to small business.

    3. Tackling childcare: Early childhood education is a critical workforce issue impacting millions of families across the country. We recently co-hosted a Twitter chat to engage a broad audience in the conversation of how to tackle the problems around the issue. Here is what we found.

    4. Wasting dough: How to make sure money comes in, but doesn't go out. Business owners' top job is to figure out how to make more money than they spend. Here are two all-too-common ways businesses waste money.

    5. Where the millennials went: Looking for them? New Haven, Connecticut, and Madison, Wisconsin, are two places on the shortlist of where this generation is increasingly settling down, according to the National Association of Realtors.

    6. Pumping the breaks on AI? No one wants to be left behind, but here’s an interesting take on why small business owners might want to develop a measured approach to AI.

    7. In honor of "Take Your Kid to Work Day":  These female leaders share their aspirations for their children—and what they hope their hard-working example is teaching them.

    8. The gig economy’s distortions: Traditional economic data doesn’t do a great job accounting for gig workers. Here’s why.

    Bonus:  Why does it always take a crisis to fix something? Notre Dame was supposed to take 30 years to fix. After the fire, it could be rebuilt in a mere five.


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