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    As a creative reuse business we inspire artistry, creativity and innovation by reimagining waste into value through education, reuse, and the arts. We supply teachers, makers, crafters and artisans with affordable goods through donations from individuals and industry. We keep useable materials out of the landfill and foster creativity by inspiring uncommon use of common materials.

    In our center, we collect, process and re-sell gently used creative materials donated from individuals and businesses. Creative reuse keeps usable materials out of the landfill; saves the natural resources that would have been used to make those materials from new; improves access to affordable materials for professional artists, crafters, teachers, families and the larger community; and fosters creativity by encouraging uncommon reuse to common use materials.

    We offer a range of educational programming to teach the community how to reduce, reuse and create in responsible and fun ways. We bring people together to build awareness around conscious consumption, sustainability and art. We promote local reuse artists, collaborators, city services & innovations in our community. We are working to provide materials to educators and schools at no cost.

    To date, AC has diverted more than 4200 pounds of usable creative materials from the landfill. Held over 20 workshops and participated in community events to promote creative conservation. Our diversion rate is more than 99% meaning that we send less than 1% of the materials donations we receive in our center to the landfill.


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