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    I buy houses in my hometown of Seguin, TX and as well as surrounding areas as a way to serve my community. This helps those who don't want to sell the conventional way. I truly believe people should have an option that doesn't require them to put a ton of money into a house before they sell. One of my goals for my community is to help it grow and bring the beauty and life back to the old houses around us. I have found my niche in the flipping business and thats recreating the story of the older homes that surround our wonderful city we call Seguin. My heart has found a home (no pun intended) in the older homes, and I want to restore them all. The redesign process for some of these homes are what I live for. My dream for each of the older houses I come across is to modernize some of these kitchens and bathrooms but still keep the old character and charm that they will always carry. If you or your family have an older home that you want to sell, but just don't want to sell it to anyone please give me a call. I want this home to be restored and your family can come back and see the new and improved home they've always loved and cherished. My duty to these old houses is to bring its beauty back for a new family to make memories in. There's so many stories within these old walls and I want to help create more.



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