• Long Law Group PLLC



    About Us

    Because you only get one shot.

    Most of the time, with any legal matter or document, you only get one shot at it—and it is difficult or impossible to correct later. If it is important enough for you to need legal help, it is important enough for you to give it the best shot possible.

    We are the firm that is committed to a purpose, and we live it every day.

    That purpose is helping our clients live and leave a legacy; a legacy that is far greater than just money. We do our best work and make the greatest impact when our values align with the people we work with. So, we don’t take every client that walks in the door. We seek out like-minded clients who we enjoy working with, and we do everything in our power to ensure that they are equally proud to work with us.

    It means caring about the good in what we do and the impact of our work on our clients’ lives.