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    About Us

    For over 100 years the Fisher and Pape families have owned 200 acres dotted with native pecan trees along the Guadalupe River in Seguin, Texas. And for almost as many years, the Pape name has come to be associated with Texas most beloved crop…The Pecan!

    Nutcracker Museum and the History of The Collection
    We all have our obsessions. From accumulating stamps to buying shoes, People have been renowned for their unique collections. Well, Kenneth Pape is no different. He has been and still is widely recognised for his nutcracker compendium, proudly displayed in the Nutcracker Museum.

    The collection has around 8,000 nutcrackers and 5,000 nut bowls, each different from the other, giving a peep into the diverse cultures of many countries, carved into the shape of hammers, animals, birds, soldiers and many more. In fact, one can see 100s of Santa Claus nutcrackers. The museum exhibits every design imaginable and leaves its visitors in awe with excitement and admiration.

    One of the other things that make the museum widely acclaimed is the 10-foot long fibreglass steel-framed mobile Pecan. It stands outside the Pape Pecan house on a truck frame with wheels. The intention behind building the Pecan was to replace the original world’s largest Pecan. However, he wasn’t aware of the out-of-state contender which set a high competition bar for him. Nevertheless, Kenneth has been satisfied with his pecan being the largest mobile pecan in the world.

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