• September Member of the Month Kaiser Manufacturing, Inc.

    September Member of the Month Kaiser Manufacturing, Inc.

    Keiser Manufacturing, Inc. (KMI) is a 3rd generation, family-owned company that was built on a core tradition.  As the baton was handed off to each owner, the values were also handed off.  Today, these values are upheld by doing the job right and doing it the first time.  We still hold this tradition while we strive to build new ones that continually improve operations.
    Our core work began in the oil industry where we make high production valve seals and operator components that open and close valves.  We are gaining momentum as we diversify into other business categories and we now make parts for the industrial, commercial aviation and military sectors.
    At KMI, we are focused on innovating new methods of manufacturing with an emphasis on greater efficiency and quality.  This model means that we are willing to leave behind some of the old ways of making things while reaching for new strategies to improve business.  At the heart of our business is technology; it’s what drives our process but it’s also what enhances our creativity in solving new problems.  3D solid modeling software is used to design and make fixtures that hold parts while they are machined.  We also utilize computer-aided manufacturing software which creates the programs to control computerized machines.
    With 40 machines in 2 buildings occupying 26,000 square feet of combined production area, we have capability for small jobs and for high volume work.  Our production machines are mostly computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathes and mills while 35% of our machines are manual types that are used to saw material, thread mill, gear hob and gun drill parts.  Several of our mills have robotic pallet systems that allow for unattended machining throughout the night.  To measure our parts for dimensional accuracy, we use traditional measuring devices such as micrometers, calipers, thread gauges, etc.  For parts with shapes that are difficult to measure, we use coordinate measurement machines (CMM’s) and light-based scanners that combine speed, accuracy and measurement reporting.
    Established in Santa Ana, CA: 1950
    Moved to Westminster, CA: 1978
    Moved to Seguin TX: 1995
    Years in business: 69
    Number of Employees: 15


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